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From "Medgar Evers" (1994), first chapter

Midnight. Quiet reigns in a middle-class, mostly black neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi. Small, ranch-style brick houses are lined up in neat rows on both sides of the street. Late-model cars are parked in the driveways. The neighborhood exudes peace and contentment, like most suburbs. This is a place where nothing can go wrong. Or so it seems.

A person walking down the street would see no sign that Jackson, Mississippi was far from the most peaceful place on earth at this time. It was shaping up to be another long, hot summer in the ongoing war for civil rights for black Southerners. The previous month, hundreds of young blacks -- many of them high school students -- had been arrested and jailed for protesting racial segregation in the schools. Allen Thompson, the mayor of Jackson, refused to hear complaints of the [NAACP] about the lack of black workers in city jobs . . . Racial tension was at a dangerously high level.

But here on Guynes Street, no one was fighting tonight.

A few minutes later came the gunshot -- the shot that not only rocked Jackson but the entire nation.

From Medgar Evers by Jennie Brown, Melrose Square Publishing, 1994

"Go to the Head of the Class" (excerpt on chiropratic practice)

Almost all Americans have at least a handful of knowledge about chiropractic. It may have been a testimonial from a co-worker for its help in easing back pain, the scourge of workers of all collars. It may have been a billboard on the back of a bus stop bench or a display ad in the newspaper, complete with a drawing of the human spine with electric bolts jutting from it. It may even have been a live demonstration at a health expo or the county fair.

The word is out that chiropractic helps align the spine and promotes well-being. But how many people know about Upper Cervical Chiropractic, or UCC?

UCC deals with the alignment of the top vertebrae of the spine, the C1 and C2, or the atlas and axis, respectively. When the atlas and/or axis is misaligned, the head is not centered with the rest of the body. Because the head is not an inconsiderable weight  – 10 to 14 pounds on average – the whole body follows the head's lead, shifting more weight as the head shifts to one side. The atlas and/or axis can also be rotated out of position, twisting the whole spinal column along with it. In extreme cases, one leg may even become shorter than the other.

An atlas and/or axis out of position causes trouble that you can’t see, as well. It adds pressure to the spinal cord within the vertebrae, interfering with important nerve messages coming from the brain – just like bending a straw slows the flow of drink. It can cause malfunction of muscles and organs, leading to a host of diseases and disorders  – not only back pain as most of us know, but headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even poorer vision.

What causes misalignment of the atlas and/or axis? It can begin as early as childhood, when you fall off a bike and land on your back. It can happen inside your car if someone hits you from behind. It can even happen when you are born with natural childbirth. Whatever the reason, though, it has but one true solution, and that is UCC.

UCC is not a treatment for any disease, but it can help alleviate symptoms without the use of drugs or surgery. It is more specific than conventional medicine or even regular chiropractic, and it is relatively painless as well – patients experience a light tap, or a massage at the side of the neck. No “twisting” is involved whatsoever.

When you come to my office for chiropractic care, you will fill out a complete health history form, and we will discuss the health issue that brought you to the office. I will check your posture, your range of motion (turning and bending), and if your problem is in the upper cervical area, you will also receive an X-ray to pinpoint where the misalignment is. This X-ray is necessary, because the upper spine is not an area for rushed judgment.

On the second visit, you will see the X-ray, and we will have the first UCC adjustment if needed. The only preparation you will need to do is to remove any neck jewelry and earrings. I will give you instructions on how to protect the new adjustment, such as lying down for the first two hours at home, and then avoiding common posture problems such as sleeping on the stomach and holding your phone between the chin and the shoulder. It does not take long to feel the effects of UCC – and sometimes, it can even help with problems you didn’t visit my office for, such as allergies, digestive problems, knee problems, and a long list of other disorders.

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