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My Roundhedz©

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Roundhedz© are my copyrighted design. Roundhedz have no mouths, but they do have so much to say.

3 Roundhedz

Roundhedz© come in all colors and sizes (but not shapes - else they wouldn't be Roundhedz©). They can help you celebrate all kinds of occasions, including the occasion of being alive.

Roundhedz Xmas Card

Bring Roundhedz© into your life

The Roundhedz© are an excellent alternative to overexposed and overcommercialized characters. You can view T-shirts and other household items starring Roundhedz© at my CafePress stores. I also have designs for cat lovers, food lovers, cigar smokers, and free thinkers.


Here is a list of my CafePress stores:

You can also buy Roundhedz© greeting cards at: